Measurement Guide


When taking any measurements, we recommend using a string and then measuring the length of the string. Do not pull the string too tight so that it deforms any muscle or part of your body, it should be just tight enough that it doesn’t fall off you.

Hip: Measure the circumference around your hipbone. The string should run over the top of your pubic bone and should be above the top of your bum.

Inseam: The measurements below are of the actual shorts inseam length. The lengths in brackets are the length of your inside leg. This should be measured from the top of your groin, just below your fiddly bits, to the top of your kneecap, following the line of your leg down while standing with a straight leg.

Chest: Stand relaxed with your arms by your sides, around your chest, just above your nipples.

Sleeve Length: Stand with your arms by your side and measure from where your collarbone meets your shoulder down your arm in the middle.

Sleeve Opening: Stand with your arms by your side and measure around the widest part of your upper arm.

 Note: all measurements are in cm!

Size Guide


This is just a guide, so if you have any questions on sizing, we’re more than happy to help, just drop us an email, send
us a WhatsApp, Facebook message using the blue link on the bottom right below (fastest) or simply call us and we’ll
make sure you get the perfect fit!

Trail Shorts Sizing
Our trail shorts follow standard men's sizing with the sizes appearing in inches on the website. The measurements are as follows:


Ride Shorts Sizing

PLEASE NOTE: This sizing is only applicable to the product Ride Shorts, all future products follow updated Shorts Sizing section above.

The Westpeak Ride Shorts are designed to be slim, but not tight fitting. The shorts will perform best when they fit like
this. Sizing for each person may differ, especially depending on your body type and legs. The measurements for hip
circumference are maximums, so if you are below the recommended measurement, but your inseam is right, don’t
worry you can adjust the waist down using the adjuster tabs.


Mountain Bike Shorts Size Guide

Shirts Sizing

The Westpeak Ride Shirt is supposed to be your casual weekend ride companion. It’s designed for ultimate comfort, so
we recommend a loose fit, sizing up if need be.


Mountain Bike Shirts Size Guide


Unsure about how to take measurements? See our measurement guide.